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Garden of Truce and Machin Gear Power - Bundle

Garden of Truce and Machin Gear Power - Bundle

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Machines from another dimension have found a new power source to power themselves. Unfortunately they need the fairies to do so. Bots are attacking and capturing the fairies. Billie must team up with the dark fairies so they can stop these killer Bots.

Bundle includes:

- 1 Garden of Truce Starter Deck

- 1 Machine Gear Power Starter Deck

- (2) 28” x 14” Standard Playing Mats (Mats are shipped folded)

Starter Decks include 40 poker sized cards.

Blue Core

Smooth Finish

Jumpstart Guide bi-folded booklet included in box.

How to Play QR Code on the back of Starter Deck Box

How To Play Video

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