Learn To Play DX Monsters TCG

Welcome! We're here to get you ready for your first DX Monsters TCG battle. Follow a long as we equip you with all you need to go into battle with confidence. If you need to be equipped with additional information, click this LINK.

Now, it's time to prepare for battle!


A game starts with each player shuffling their deck of 40 to 60 cards. Players then place their deck into their deck zone, and then set the top 3 cards of their deck into their shield zones. Each player then draws 5 cards to start the game. At the start of each player’s turn, they draw 1 card from their deck and then begin by summoning monsters, playing spells, equipping equips, playing their land card, activating/using card effects, and battling to try and zone their opponent to win.


There are 3 main rules that a player needs to remember.

1)- You may summon as many times as you want within the monsters’ summoning conditions.

2)- You can only move once per turn.

3)- Each monster can only attack once a turn.


A player may summon as many monsters as they can within the monsters’ summoning conditions. There are 4 level types of monsters, 1 - 4. LVL  1 monsters have no summoning condition and can be summoned into your battle zone. To summon an LVL 2 monster you must bench a LVL 1 monster that you control. (Benching a monster is just sliding that monster into the bench zone that is right below the battle zone it was in. A monster is Benched by summoning a stronger monster, when it is defeated by battle, or a card effect.) To summon an LVL 3 monster you must bench a LVL 2 monster that you control. Finally to summon an LVL 4 monster you must bench an LVL 3 monster that you control.


A Player may move once per turn. A player may move a monster in their battle zone to the left, to the right, or swap places with an adjacent monster that they control. A Player could also use their move to bring a bench monster back up into a battle zone above them. (You can not move monsters in your bench zone left, right, or swap)


Monsters can only attack once per turn. Monsters in the Battle Zone may attack the opponent’s Monsters in the same column as them. (Benched Monsters cannot attack but can be attacked.) Monsters have Battle Colors and Battle Stats. The Battle Color is located  where the Monster’s Level is identified. Battle Stats are the 3 circles at the bottom of the card. This is how Monsters battle.


Monsters are moved to the Bench Zone once they are used to summon a stronger monster, defeated by battle, or by a card effect. The Bench Zone is also the main way a Player will be Zoned while playing DX MONSTERS. A Bench Break is what happens when a player has 3 Monsters, or Zoned cards, stacked in one Bench Zone. Those cards are then sent to the Player's Graveyard and then they are Zoned. (Equip cards in the Bench Zone do not count towards a Bench Break unless that Equip card is Zoned.)


Zoning your opponent is one way to win in DX MONSTERS. There are two types of Zoning, Zoning a Monster and Zoning a Player. A Monster is Zoned once it is defeated in battle while it’s in the Bench Zone. Another way is when it is used to summon a stronger Monster while it’s in the Bench Zone, or by a Card Effect. (A Zoned Monster is when the card is flipped over and can not be used) If a Monster would be Zoned by a Card Effect while it's still in the Battle Zone, it is then sent to the Bench Zone below it and is flipped over.


Zoning a Player is one way to win the game and that is the main task your Monsters will be taking in DX MONSTERS. Once a Player is Zoned, they lose the game. Each Player begins with 3 cards in their Shield Zone and these are there to protect a Player from being Zoned. When a Player is Zoned while they control a Shield, the Shield is broken and that Player adds their Shield card to their hand. Once a Player has no Shields, they are in danger of being Zoned. Their opponent must Zone them one last time to win the game. A Player can be Zoned in many ways.

1) Through Bench Breaks (When a Player has 3 Monsters or Zoned cards in one Bench Zone. Those cards are sent to their Graveyard, and then the Player is then Zoned)

2) When a Player controls 3 Monsters in their Battle Zone and their opponent does not control any Monsters, they may attack with all 3 Monsters at once to Zone that Player.

3) A Special Effect from a powerful Monster that can Zone a Player.


There are two types of Spell Cards in DX MONSTERS, Normal Spells, and Quick Spells. Normal Spells are blue and can only be used on the owner's turn. Quick Spells are red and can be used at any time, even during your opponent’s turn.


Equips are the orange cards that can boost a Monster’s Battle Stats or give them a useful effect. Some Equips require an Equip Cost to be made before you can Equip the card. Equip cards do not count towards a Bench Break unless it is Zoned.


A Special Summon is when a Monster can be Summoned without the Summoning Requirements needed to Summon a higher-level Monster. For example, Special Summoning a LVL 4 Monster will not require you to Bench a LVL 3 Monster.


You have been equipped with all you need to send your Monsters into battle. It's time to Master Your Zone!

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